Kendall Jenner Was Called “Petty” After Being Accused Of Throwing Shade At Selena Gomez

“Tragic how Kendall felt the need to shade Selena.”

Kendall Jenner found herself on the receiving end of a scorned fandom earlier this week after she was accused of throwing shade at Selena Gomez.

It all started over Easter weekend, when Kendall posted a picture wearing a pink dress.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that the dress looked familiar and that Selena had worn it in her “De Una Vez” music video earlier this year.

People online soon began to compare the two, deciding who had worn it best, when Kendall appeared to put her foot in it by adding her own two cents.

Kendall Jenner wore the same dress @selenagomez wore in “De Una Vez”. 🌸

In a since-deleted tweet, Kendall quoted a comment that said she’d worn it better than anybody else, revealing she’d taken the dress home after wearing it for a modeling job.

Although it’s unclear whether Kendall knew about the debate online before tweeting, it wasn’t long before fans of Selena caught wind of the apparent slight and began calling Kendall out for being “petty.”

tragic how kendall felt the need to shade selena, sis is so insecure about being compared to the queen over merely an outfit that she had to desperate tell she looked better? lol that's so petty!

Twitter: @fvcksrare

no because there was no reason to compare kendall and selena over a dress they both looked stunning in... kendall should've just sat there and held her chicken instead of quoting that tweet to begin with... she knew good and well what she was doing

Twitter: @selgofetish

And fans of Selena soon began flooding Kendall’s comments, until she eventually deleted the tweet altogether.

Twitter: @hotlenax

Kendall didn’t seem too bothered by the drama though, and later posted pictures of herself enjoying the sun poolside.

As for Selena, she’s just minding her business and promoting the latest products from her beauty range.

So, all is well!

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