Jared Leto Cleared Up Drama With Margot Robbie After He Was Accused Of Giving Her A Dead Rat On The Set Of "Suicide Squad"

"I never gave Margot Robbie a dead rat. That’s not true."

Since there's not enough ~drama~ going on in 2021, Jared Leto has brought up some previously forgotten stories from 2016 concerning Margot Robbie, Suicide Squad, and a dead rat.

Todd Williamson

Soooo, for those of you who have blanked 2016 from your memories, Jared and Margot teamed up to play the Joker and Harley Quinn in the DC superhero blockbuster, which also starred the likes of Viola Davis and Will Smith.

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But at the time, it was revealed that Jared had taken his method acting to a whole new level, delivering presents to his costars on set that were...well, they were quite wild.

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The most well known of these gifts was a rat delivered in a black box to Margot, who apparently screamed when she opened it and saw what was inside.

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"At first I thought this was disgusting," Margot said in an interview at the time. "But then after that...I was like, I'm not going to kill him. So I ended up keeping him as a pet. I ended up getting him, like, a sweet little playpen, a slide, a hammock, and a leash because I wanted to take him to set and walk him around."

But even though Margot revealed that she had kept the rat as a pet, rumors soon spread online that the rat Jared had gifted his costar with was actually dead.

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It seems, however, that these rumors were actually a combination of two separate stories running at the time: that Jared had given a rat to Margot and a dead pig to the crew.

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So in a recent interview with GQ, Jared cleared up the rumors and put them to bed once and for all, revealing that he had actually gifted Margot with something much nicer instead.


"It's interesting how this stuff all takes on a life of its own, but I never gave Margot Robbie a dead rat. That’s not true," he said. "I actually gave her a lot...I found this place in Toronto that had great vegan cinnamon buns, and that was a very common thing."

You can watch Jared's full interview with GQ here.