Alexa Demie Opened Up About The Latest "Traumatic" Episode Of "Euphoria" And How That "Incredibly Difficult" Scene Was The Hardest To Film

"It's just traumatic..."

🚨 Warning: spoilers for the latest episode of Euphoria ahead.

Tensions reached a boiling point in the latest episode of Euphoria as the season's sixth episode dealt with the fallout following the revelation that Cassie has been sleeping with Nate.

Having discovered that her best friend and on-again, off-again boyfriend have been having an affair, all eyes were on what Maddy would do next, particularly as a trailer for the episode saw her contemplating revenge.

Finally picking up a thread from the first season, many wondered if Maddy would leak the video of Jules and Nate's dad, Cal, having sex. But it seemed that Nate had beat her to the punch when he snuck into her bedroom and held her at gunpoint, with Maddy eventually giving up the disk after an evil and unbearably tense game of Russian roulette.

In an interview posted on the show's YouTube channel, Alexa Demie (who plays Maddy) said it was "not an easy scene to film," adding: "It's just traumatic to walk into your bedroom, and someone that you love and who you thought loved you is sitting there threatening you with a gun."

Alexa further opened up about the scene in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where she admitted that it was the hardest one she'd ever had to shoot for the show.

"It was an incredibly difficult scene not only because of the gun to my head, but because it was choreographed in a really specific way," she said. "We had to move with the camera movements and it was really broken up, and so it took us two days to shoot. It was basically all we did all day on those days."

When asked if there had been lots of conversation and preparation beforehand, Alexa revealed that because of time restraints, the cast and crew had pretty much "just jumped into it" and figured things out along the way.

"We didn't have a lot of time," the actor said. "We were really figuring it out as we went on and as we were shooting it. Sam was discovering new things with the camera, and Jacob and I were discovering new things with the dynamic between us. There were a couple of moments that were improvised, but not a lot of prep [or] conversation beforehand."

"It's such an intense scene that when you're not filming — because when they break, they're figuring out light and there's a lot going on — as an actor you just have to try to stay in your own world," Alexa added of her process during filming. "I'm definitely not the type of actor that can just break a scene like that and start laughing and joking. I have to kind of stay in my own world and tune everyone else out."

Alexa also revealed that there'd been various ideas about what would happen with the disc and that, at one point, she was simply going to give it back to Jules. However, the idea was eventually rewritten.

"It was something that Sam [Levinson] and I spoke about a lot when we first got back for season two," she said. "It's something that I also brought up a lot. And there were different ways it was written, many different ways of what was gonna happen with the disc."

"There was a moment where I was gonna give the tape to Jules with a letter saying, 'I think you'd want this,' and not say who was giving it to her, but give it back to her, which felt really nice for me," Alexa added. "And there was a part of me that really wanted to see that happen, but I think the way it goes down keeps the story going, and it's drama."

The drama doesn't look like it'll settle anytime soon, with a trailer for the upcoming episode revealing Lexi's play finally hitting the stage and the audience realizing it's about them.

You can read Alexa's full interview with Entertainment Weekly here, and you can watch the latest episode of Enter Euphoria here.

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