Billie Eilish Revealed What The Met Gala Was Really Like And How Famous People Are "Literally Nobodies" Who Are "Embarrassed And Insecure" About What They're Doing

"It's nuts," she said of the event. "It's famous people famous people-ing. That's what it is."

Billie Eilish gave insight into what attending her first Met Gala was really like, revealing in a recent interview that it was kind of like being back at school.

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Sitting down with Howard Stern earlier this week, Billie was asked for her take on one of the starriest nights of the year. "It's nuts," she said of the event. "It's famous people famous people-ing. That's what it is."

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Despite some of the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond in attendance, Billie explained that her main takeaway from the night was that celebrities are pretty much just like anybody else.

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"You know what, the main thing that night made me think or feel was how famous people are just literally nobodies," she said. "Just randos, and it's so weird. I was like, 'wow, all these people are just somebody that's in class with you,' and you think this person's kinda annoying, you really like this person, you get along with this person, and everybody's just, like, embarrassed and insecure about what they're doing and saying."

Keen to emphasize what a great time she'd had at the event, though, she added: "It was amazing though. It was just beautiful in there."

One perk of the evening for Billie was being surrounded by other people who are in a similar industry to her, meaning that she didn't have to worry about phones being shoved in her face. That is something she said she's grown to dislike over time.

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"What's nice about other people that are in the same kind of world that you're in is they're not getting their phone out and shoving it in your face because they don't want that themselves, and that's really relieving," she explained. "That's my problem with the world, is no matter what's going on or where you are, people just shove that phone in your face."

The 19-year-old went on to say that the one thing she sees wherever she goes is people trying to sneak pictures of her, adding: "I have a real problem with the phones."

This year's Met Gala was a first for the Grammy-winning singer, who donned an Oscar de la Renta gown after convincing the fashion house to no longer use fur in its designs.

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"It was an honor to wear this dress knowing that going forward Oscar de la Renta will be completely fur-free!!!!" she wrote on Instagram at the time. "I am beyond thrilled that ... the entire team heard me on this issue, and have now made a change that makes an impact for the greater good, not only for animals but also for our planet and environment too." 

She went on: "I'm honored to have been a catalyst and to have been heard on this matter. I urge all designers to do the same."

You can watch the clip from Billie's interview with Howard Stern here.