Andrew Garfield And Tobey Maguire Snuck Into A Movie Theater To Watch "No Way Home" On Opening Night

"Me and Tobey snuck into a theater together and no one knew we were there. It was just a really beautiful thing to share together."

Warning: spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home ahead. 🚨

It turns out that playing Spider-Man doesn't stop you being a fan of the movies, as Andrew Garfield recently revealed that he snuck into a screening of No Way Home with none other than fellow webslinger Tobey Maguire!

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Andrew said that he and Tobey decided to sneak into the movie theater on opening night without anybody realizing they were there.

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"I snuck into a theater on opening night and just watched with my baseball cap on and my mask," he explained. "In fact, I was also with Tobey — me and Tobey snuck into a theater together and no one knew we were there. It was just a really beautiful thing to share together."

Of course, if you've already seen No Way Home, you'll know that both Andrew and Tobey reprised their roles as Spider-Man, joining Tom Holland's Peter Parker for a bit of a multiverse madness.


And it didn't take much to get Andrew on board, with the 38-year-old revealing he was sold from the very beginning.

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"I wasn't expecting to ever have a conversation again about potentially playing Peter Parker," he said in a recent interview with Variety. "I felt very excited to just to be a fan again. But I got this call from Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige and Jon Watts with this idea. It was immediately undeniable."

"It sounded incredibly fun, incredibly spiritual — trippy and thematically interesting," he added. "On a base level, as a Spider-Man fan, just the idea of seeing three Spider-Men in the same frame was enough."

The three superheroes immediately bonded on set, and of course they re-created the Spider-Man pointing meme. But Andrew revealed they also had "deeper conversations" about their characters and experiences of playing the superhero.

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"I think the first time we were all in the suit together, it was hilarious because it's like just three ordinary dudes who were just actors just hanging out," he said. "But then also, you just become a fan and say, 'Oh my god we're all together in the suits and we're doing the pointing thing!'" 

"There was talk about going to the bathroom and, you know, padding around the package," Andrew continued. "We talked about what worked for each of us. Tom was jealous because I have little zippers in my suit that I can get my hands out of very easily. To work his phone, he had to use his nose because he couldn't access his hands."

One thing that stood out in Andrew's candid interview with Variety was the revelation that he improvised a line telling Tom and Tobey he loved them as it was how he was actually feeling while the trio were working together.

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"There's a line I improvised in the movie, looking at [Maguire and Holland] and I tell them I love them," he said. "That was just me loving them."

"We talked a lot about mentorship. We talked a lot about brotherhood and about what it is to be the older brother, younger brother, and the middle brother," he went on. "There's also a thing of seeing someone you love walking down a path that you've already walked down, and you know it doesn't lead the place where you ultimately meant to go."

All in all, Andrew said he was "so grateful" for the opportunity to step back into the role of Spider-Man, particularly as he was able to "tie up some loose ends" from his own franchise.


In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Andrew's Peter Parker is unable to save Gwen Stacy, who dies after falling from the clock tower. Faced with a similar situation in No Way Home, Andrew got some redemption when he's able to save MJ from a similar fate.

"I'm just really, really grateful that I got to tie up some loose ends for the Peter that I was playing," Andrew said. "I love that character and I'm grateful that I got to work with these incredible actors, this incredible director, and Marvel in conjunction with Sony."

He finished: "It was joyful, and a feeling of closure for me. There was so many unanswered questions for my Peter, where we left it. I got to step back in and get some healing for him."

You can read Andrew's full interview with Variety here, and his interview with Entertainment Tonight here.