Adele Revealed The Song That “Changed And Also Saved” Her Life And How It Made Her Realize How Far She’s Come In The Last Two Years Since Filing For Divorce

"This song changed my life and also saved my life a little bit."

Adele has revealed the song on her new album that "saved" her life, explaining during a recent performance that it helped her see just how far she'd come in the last few years.

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In a special hometown performance in front of a star-studded crowd that included the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Dua Lipa, Emma Watson, and Naomi Campbell, Adele sang a bunch of new songs from her latest album, 30.


But before performing "Hold On" toward the end of the setlist, the 33-year-old revealed that the song held a special place in her heart, seemingly making reference to her 2019 divorce from Simon Konecki.


"This song changed...well, it changed my life and also saved my life a little bit," she told the audience during An Audience With Adele. "It was the last song that I wrote for this album, and when I first started writing it, I don't think I realized how far I was coming over an 18-month to two-year period. I hadn't been able to recognize the progress that I had been making."

Adele went on to reveal that the song had helped her reconnect with her own music, something she'd struggled with due to its "terrifying" success.


"I wrote this, and then when I listened back to it, I couldn't believe it," she said. "I couldn't believe how far I had come, and it was amazing for me to hear that in one of my songs because I think there's been a little bit of a disconnect for me and my songs for a while, just because I find all of this very terrifying."

"The song really moved me and it made me really proud of myself," she finished. "And for a long time, I listened to it a lot, just as a reminder that I was recognizing that I'm an absolute nightmare, basically. But I love it very very much, and I hope you do too."

Adele had previously spoken about the song in an interview with Vogue, revealing that the inspiration for it came from the advice that her friends would give to her as she struggled to come to terms with the divorce.

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Toward the end of the six-minute track, a chorus of Adele's friends can be heard singing "just hold on" over and over again in the background. "The thing that they're all singing is what my friends used to say to me," she said. "That's why I wanted them to sing it, rather than an actual choir."

One of the friends involved, Jedidiah Jenkins, told Vogue of the experience recording the song, hilariously revealing how it all went down. "When we all arrived at the studio, she roasted us: It's impossible to get any of you together for a dinner, but I say come sing on my album, and here the fuck you are!"

"She quickly became a choir director, waving her hands and giving us the motivation of our words," Jedidiah added. "And of course, calling me out: Jed, it's not your album. Blend in more."

The song itself is deeply personal, seemingly charting Adele's journey after filing for divorce and taking ownership of that painful decision.

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Some lyrics from the song include: "I'm my own worst enemy / Right now, I truly hate bein' me / Every day feels like the road I'm on / Might just open up and swallow me whole / How do I feel so mighty small / When I'm struggling to feel at all?"

And the chorus adds: "Just hold on (Hold on) / Let time be patient / You are still strong (You are still strong) / Let pain be gracious (Love will soon come)."

Speaking to British Vogue last month about writing music as a form of therapy, Adele revealed that during times of turmoil in her personal life, she likes to retreat to the studio, a place she called her "safe space."

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"I definitely feel like when my life is spiralling out of control I want to be in the studio because no one can get me," she said. "I don't have to deal with any issues, any problems. I think it's less, 'My world is falling apart, I need to go and write about it,' it's more just my safe space."

Adele's album, 30, is out now. You can watch An Audience With Adele here.