People Are Super Thirsty Over This Diplomat And It's Kinda Weird

Move over, Big Daddy Xi. You've got competition from Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Guys, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi* has made it, striding into the fame hall of internet celebrities as the newest national heartthrob in China.

(*Editor's note: We are aware of that the common Chinese surname "Wang" has a humorous meaning in English. We mean no disrespect to the foreign minister and will do our best to keep the jokes to a minimum.)

The story began when he berated a Canadian reporter for raising a question over China's recent human rights record.

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"Your question is full of prejudice against China and arrogance ... I don't know where that comes from. This is totally unacceptable," Wang said through a translator, jumping on the question asked to his Canadian counterpart.

Foreign media "prejudice" has long been hated and stated over and over again by China's state-controlled media. Just recently, AP has been labeled as an "anti-China force" together with the American Bar Association and US embassy in China, not to mention the long list of websites blocked in the country.

Wang and his diplomats make frequent appearances on primetime CCTV News and made headlines for dealing with the South China Sea dispute, resulting in him going viral enough that he's now basically treated like a pop star.

This GIF of Wang stirring coffee ~elegantly~ has been shared on Weibo more times than you would believe, for example.

This old photo of the then 28-year-old Japanese-language student (who later became ambassador to Japan) was dug out and became a source of massive thirst for Wang*.


(Quick bio: He spent his whole career working his up way from an entry-level employee to the boss at the Foreign Ministry, and once studied at Georgetown University School of Foreign Affairs.)

(*Editor's note: Sorry about that.)

And his fans say this GIF proves that cuteness and coolness can co-exist inside in him.

People are comparing him to the country's charismatic first Prime Minister/Foreign Minister Zhou Enlai.

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They definitely both have impressively thick, dark-colored eyebrows.

Now some of you might suspect that this is just successful propaganda at work. Chances are there's a good amount of propaganda, but the drooling over Wang* is as real as the country's current rise in nationalism.

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(*Editor's note: Sorry again.)

Popular Weibo accounts are pushing this as ~entertaining~ viral content, receiving thousands of comments.

In case you still had doubts, this video dedicated to him cut from news footage has been viewed over 3 million times.


And this fan club on Weibo devoted to Wang has more than 130,000 followers.

"Foreign Minister Wang Yi is graceful, clever, with a bit of cuteness. Me like," this person said of their first crush on a politician.


Probably the weirdest of these tributes is news footage of Wang appearing on Bilibili, a video-sharing website that usually features Japanese animation. Comments rolling over the screen called him a dream husband.

The Communist Youth League shares the thirst, saying that Wang just "has the look of a foreign minister," and that he is "handsome whichever angle."


Apparently, Xi Dada needs to be wary.

The Weibo accounts of multiple local police bureaus are just as exuberant. "Was hard to avoid all of these idol groups, but we've been swept off our feet by China's Foreign Ministry sky band!" exclaimed one Fujian township-level police station.

Weibo, a leading social news website, published an editorial titled "It's a good thing that Foreign Minister Wang Yi became the new internet celebrity."

Oh, and by the way, Wang isn't flying solo. He's got help from his team, dubbed the "Foreign Minister Four."

They've gotten Spice Girl-esque nicknames based on their respective diplomatic styles as: Cute Hua (spokesperson Hua Chunying), Proud Kang (pressperson Lu Kang), Fighting Gang (protocol chief Qin Gang), and Gangster Lei (spokesperson Hong Lei).

If you haven't felt it yet, listen to what Thai foreign minister had to say last year — "If I were a woman I will fall in love with his excellency."

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We're not exactly sure what people see in the 62-year-old Wang* but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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(*Editor's note: We'll try harder next time.)