The Global Capital Of Everything Cheap Knew Where The US Election Was Heading

They tried to tell us and we just didn't listen.

Yiwu International Trade Market, the legendary birthplace of the "made in China" phenomenon, proved to the world once again it knows the things it sells — this time by betting on Donald Trump.

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Though he has never stepped foot in the US, in an interview published on Tuesday by Digger Video, Yiwu flag manufacturer Yao Dandan said that he would have voted for Trump for a very simple reason: he created more orders for Yao.

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"We support whichever side places more orders," he said to reporters from the social video startup, which was recently launched by Qiu Bing, the former CEO of state-run online media The Paper and its English edition Sixth Tone. "We made two batches of Hillary's flag, Trump's orders are far more," he added.

The video has been viewed for more than five million times.

Yao's small factory keeps a thick sample booklet, taking both domestic and international orders.

It makes a wide assortment of flags for US customers, including the US American flag, the Confederate flag, and flags with Trump's campaign logo.

But it was quick to halt the production of flags with Clinton's logo.

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"I think it's unreliable," Yao said, referring to orders from businesses that wanted to sell Clinton flags who didn't provide him with a deposit beforehand. But for Trump logo-adorned items, "we dare to make his flags even with no deposit," he said.

Orders for more Trump merchandise will definitely come in to factory owners like Yao — a listing suggests there are 196 flag production companies in Yiwu — at least until the day the President-elect steps into office and imposes a 45% tariff on imports from China like he has threatened.

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People in China have taken great pride in learning about the presidential prediction business that Yiwu's begun exporting.

Chinese flag maker in Yiwu, hub of made in China, said orders of Trump flags way outnumbered Hillary #ElectionNight

But it was not the first time Chinese manufacturers accurately gauged the mood in the US. Latex craft factories in Shenzhen have shown off the number of Trump masks they've been producing since at least May.

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The signs, they were all there.