Chinese Traders Are Making Fun Of Americans For The NYSE Shutdown

Despite the week-long crisis at home, Chinese traders are watching and joking about others' troubles.

The NYSE shut down just before noon on Wednesday, but hundreds of Chinese, trapped in their own stock market crisis, are already commenting on Sina Weibo about the shutdown.

Most of them are light jokes. A popular finance blogger commented: "In order to set an example of trading halt for China's stock markets, NYSE did its best!"

"Wall Street Trading Tycoons Trapped Bargain Hunting In China Stock Markets, Financial Crisis Forming!"

Some simply got confused by what was happening in both countries. "The government-led socialist stock market is still operating, while the market-led capitalist one shut down already. Did God get wrong scripts?"

Some wondered if China had anything to do with it. "Is it because NYSE traders bought Chinese stocks?" asked one user.

"Maybe it's done by our men?" asked another.

"Chinese Kung Fu, attacking the bull across mountains!"

One user anticipated that "Hilary [Clinton] is going to blame this on China, again."

Some advised China’s stock regulatory commission to take note of how NYSE handled its problems easily by suspending entire trading. “You look and learn,” one commenter joked.

Another user saw America behind China's stock market flux. "The capitalist America pulled the switch as soon it realized it was involved in China's stock market crisis."

If only fixing financial problems that have built up over years were as easy as throwing a switch.