This Is Why A Conspiracy Theory About The Clintons Has Gone Viral In China

In a world devoid of debunkers and fact-checkers, conspiracy theories — like the one saying a DNC staffer was murdered for leaking emails — can go big in China.

WikiLeaks and Russian state media have heavily pushed a conspiracy theory about the Clintons' role in the death of a DNC employee, one that a Chinese government account not only has bought into but embellished further.

The Communist Youth League, the Chinese Communist Party's youth wing, told its 4 million followers on Weibo Saturday, "The sources of the Hillary leaked emails were murdered, one after another? This is the truth of Western democracy!"

Among the more than 3,000 comments the post received, most people bought the theory completely.

Some expressed relief that they live in a safer society.

And those few who dared to challenge the theory in the comments triggered a firm response.

Zhang Daxi, a Weibo user verified as "public opinion usher" (people who are hired by the government to write comments supportive of the government and its policies), wrote, "Baby is scared! Five bizarre deaths of anti-Hillary people in six weeks, the whistle-blowers of the Hillary email leak gate were assassinated one after another, the horror of US politics is beyond your imagination."

If you didn't catch it the first time, you must be confused by this point: five bizarre deaths? Murders one after another? What? Qué? なに? 啥?

tl;dr: A meme is circulating around the US that points to the ~suspicious~ deaths of people around the Clintons, including several debunked conspiracy theories.

With few outlets offering a counter narrative, the theories are being passed around China completely unchecked.

In theory, Chinese officials treat rumors seriously: A rumor retweeted 500 times can lead to jail time if it's proven to be unfounded.

All of which leads to posts like this one: "Just a thought: so many presidents were assassinated in the US's history, those definitely weren't simple assassinations."

Hmmmm, yes, a very deep thought.

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