This Guy's Shopping List Hack Was So Perfect He Had To Be Complimented On It

"The stuff about balsamic vinegar proves you have good taste".

Last week, twitter user @Comunistx tweeted an exchange he had had with Spanish politician Pablo Iglesias.

Pablo Iglesias is my new personal assistant

According to the screenshots, he was using DMs to Iglesias to write a shopping list. Whilst doing so, Iglesias replied, telling him balsamic vinegar shows he has good taste.

When @comunistx replied that he didn't like normal vinegar, Iglesias then recommended cream of balsamic vinegar, and then Himalayan salt. The Twitter user told BuzzFeed Spain that they were able to DM the party leader because Iglesias had previously sent messages to his followers informing on his campaign.

"It so happens, if I remember well, that I used to follow Pablo and he sent me a a message asking me to vote for him", he said. "So, even though he wasn't following me, his DM were open to me".

"Yesterday I was bored, so I decided to tell him that from then on my conversation with him would be my shopping list. I found it terribly amusing. Then he started to answer me, and I tweeted both screen captures in the afternoon. It was really funny," he said.

After @comunistx shared the screen captures of his conversation on Twitter, the tweet went viral, being retweeted over 15,000 times. People loved the exchange.

@comunistx @Hoz_Y_Blizzard Llorando 😂😂😂


@callmepolexia @comunistx @lulurowell Me ha dado envidia.

"I'm jealous"


"Hahahahahaha I need more characters to laugh."

Esto es sencillamente glorioso.

"This is simply glorious."


"I peed myself hahaha."

And @comunistx did follow Pablo Iglesias' recommendation and bought the cream Modena vinager.

Get you a politician willing to go the extra mile like Pablo Iglesias 👏

This post was translated from Spanish.