A Feminist Activist Group Crashed The Unveiling Of A Trump Wax Figure

The protester shouted "grab patriarchy by the balls" while grabbing the statue's crotch.

An activist from the feminist group Femen interrupted the unveiling of a Donald Trump wax figure with a topless protest in Madrid on Tuesday. (WARNING: This video contains nudity so is a bit NSFW.)

Una feminista irrumpe en la inauguración de la figura de Donald Trump en el Museo de Cera de Madrid al grito de "Gr… https://t.co/oriNdLp3cH

The incident was recorded by the website Eslang, which shared the video on its social networks.

The activist burst into the unveiling ceremony to the cry of "grab patriarchy by the balls" — a reference to the sexist phrase uttered by the president-elect in his infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape: "grab them by the pussy."

The woman, who crashed the event at the Madrid Wax Museum, had "grab back" and "grab patriarchy by the balls" written on her body.

She grabbed the figure's crotch...

...before being escorted away by a group of men.

Femen acknowledged it was behind the protest, posting this on its Spanish Twitter account.

FEMEN acaba de agarrar por las pelotas a la figura de Trump en Madrid! GRAB PATRIARCHY BY THE BALLS

"Femen just grabbed the balls of the Trump statue in Madrid!"

Femen has been active in its opposition to Trump. Back in November, a Femen USA member carried out a topless protest at a polling station in Manhattan, New York, where Donald Trump was expected to cast his vote.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the museum for comment.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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