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Top 10 Presidential Speeches Interrupted By Hecklers

When Joe WIlson interrupted Obama's speech by yelling "you lie" yesterday, it wasn't the first time a presidential speech had been interrupted by a heckler or protester. Here are 10 videos of presidents getting cut off mid-speech by unruly audience members.

Posted on September 10, 2009, at 12:54 p.m. ET

  • The Infamous Joe Wilson

    Representative Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama as he gave a speech about his new health care reforms. As Obama talked about how his health care plan would cover illegal immigrants, Joe Wilson yelled "You lie!" which we all know now, is actually false.

  • Two Shoes Thrown By Iraqi Journalist

    Another famous interruption from recent memory. When President George W. Bush visited the middle east to inspect the troops, he was attending a press conference where an Iraqi reporter called him a dog and threw both of his shoes at Bush (who artfully dodged both).

  • Quacking Duck Ringtone

    While giving a speech about gay rights, President Obama is interrupted by a Quacking ringtone, much to his amusement.

  • Lane Hudson Calls Out Bill Clinton For "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

    While giving a speech at Netroots Nation, President Clinton was interrupted by Lane Hudson, who was critical of Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policies for gays in the military. To his credit, Clinton handled the heckler remarkably well.

  • Protesters for Black Rights Claim Obama Is Endorsed by the KKK

    Obama was interrupted by a group of African-American hecklers, who claimed that he was not representing the Black community well enough. After allowing them a few minutes of venting, Obama says "Ok, let's get back to work" and resumes his speech.

  • Anti-War Protesters Interrupt Bush

    While giving a speech on the fourth of July outside Jefferson's famed home at Monticello, a woman screams out for Bush to be impeached. She was quickly removed from the audience, but the heckling continued throughout his speech.

  • Clinton Fights Back

    A disgruntled heckler interrupts President Clinton during a 1992 speech, and Clinton bites back and lashes out against the protester.

  • Abortion Activists at Graduation Ceremony

    While giving the commencement address at Notre Dame, an anti-abortion activist began shouting, angering most of the people in attendance.

  • POV Protester

    As George HW Bush and Barbara Bush enter a polling place to vote, we get to experience the heckling first hand from a protester with his own camera.

  • Reagan Raises The Level Of Discourse

    When Ronald Reagan is heckled, he doesn't just lie down and take it. Way to stand up to them, Gipper.