30 More Great Chat Roulette Screenshots

Since the previous Chat Roulette screenshot round-up, Chat Roulette has become the new big thing on the Internet. Here is a fresh batch of reaction screenshots from everyone's new favorite pastime.

  • Brushie Brushie

    Brushie Brushie

  • So many Nazis on Chat Roulette

    So many Nazis on Chat Roulette

  • You like?

    You like?

  • White Power... Ranger

    White Power... Ranger

  • Scare the Crap Roulette

    Scare the Crap Roulette

  • Mexico


  • We meet again

    We meet again

  • Mustands


  • I'm a skeleton

    I'm a skeleton

  • Mario Meets Luigi

    Mario Meets Luigi

  • Make this face

    Make this face

  • Butt chin

    Butt chin

  • Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton

  • Perez Hilton (less exciting)

    Perez Hilton (less exciting)

  • Scared


  • More Scared

    More Scared

  • Guitar buddies

    Guitar buddies

  • OMG


  • Is this a sign?

    Is this a sign?

  • Do you have excersize in Estonia?

    Do you have excersize in Estonia?

  • Red meets Green

    Red meets Green

  • Dog Roulette

    Dog Roulette

  • What? I'm a dog.

    What? I'm a dog.

  • Above you

    Above you

  • Pervert


  • Clones


  • Unexpected support

    Unexpected support

  • Apathy chicken

    Apathy chicken

  • Sorry


  • Bert


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