WWE's Tribute To 8-Year-Old Connor "The Crusher" Michalek Will Bring You To Tears

Superfan Connor "The Crusher" Michalek recently died of cancer, and WWE put together a tribute in his honor.

The WWE recently released a tribute video for Connor "The Crusher" Michalek, an 8-year-old fan who recently died of pediatric brain cancer.

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WWE / youtube.com

The video shows various WWE management and wrestlers reflecting on Connor's time around the WWE.


"He was obviously sick, but you'd never know it from his personality." - Stephanie McMahon

Including Daniel Bryan, Connor's favorite wrestler.


"Connor was special for a million reasons...his smile, he was so quick witted, and he was nice to everybody." — Daniel Bryan

The video even shows the time "The Crusher" went one-on-one with Triple H and took him out with a single punch.

WWE / vine.co

The video wraps up with Connor's experience at WrestleMania when his favorite wrestler won the WWE Title.

WWE / vine.co

Connor was at ringside, with his father, and was the first person Daniel Bryan embraced after his win.

"Connor, you mean a lot to me and you give me a lot of strength. You helped me earn this. Please keep on fighting." —Daniel Bryan

"I truly believe that the whole experience extended Connor's time with me," Connor's father said.

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