A Meteor Almost Hit A Skydiver And It Was Caught On Video

Skydiver Anders Helstrup's helmet cam captured video of a falling meteor during a dive above Hedmark, Norway.

Skydiver Anders Helstrup was opening his parachute during a dive in Norway when a meteor whizzed by.

“This is the first time in history that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after its light goes out,” geologist, Hans Amundsen, told NRK.

The video was taken in 2012 during a Oslo Parachute Club jump above Hedmark, Norway.

Helstrup was wearing a wing-suit and two cameras attached to his helmet during the dive.

“I got the feeling that there was something, but I didn’t register what was happening,” Helstrup told NRK.

Watch the full video of the skydive.

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