17 Of The Most Amazing, Inspiring, And Terrifying News Vines From 2014

A NASA rocket explodes during liftoff. Apple and U2 touch fingers. A home explodes on live television. Here are some of the most memorable BuzzFeed News Vines from 2014.

NASA Rocket Explodes During Liftoff In Virginia

NASA / vine.co

The unmanned Antares rocket exploded in November during liftoff from Wallops Island in Virginia. There were no casualties or injuries.

Two Window Washers Trapped On 1 World Trade Center Are Rescued

ABC / vine.co

A scaffolding cable had become loose while two men were working. The FDNY had to break through a window to bring them to safety.

Shootings At Canadian Parliament Building And National War Memorial


Multiple shootings at a Canadian parliament building and the National War Memorial in Ottawa left two dead.

LeBron James Returning To Cleveland

NIKE / vine.co

James announced his decision on Sports Illustrated’s website in July. The massive banner went up a few months later in downtown Cleveland.

Supertyphoon Vongfong As Seen From The International Space Station

NASA / vine.co

The cameras on the International Space Station captured this video of Super Typhoon Vongfong on October 9, 2014.

Thousands Of Climate Activists Stage Protests In New York City


September's march in New York drew hundreds of thousands of people and was one of 2,646 events in 156 countries calling for action.

Shock And Grief As Sydney Mourns Hostages Killed In Siege


Mourners leave flowers outside the cafe where two hostages, as well as the alleged gunman, lost their lives.

Protests In Ferguson Following Michael Brown Grand Jury Decison

Jim Dalrymple II / vine.co

Police moved in with tear gas and armored vehicles just after 11 p.m. ET on Nov. 25.

President Obama Tells The Nation How He Will "Degrade, And Ultimately, Destroy" ISIS

White House / vine.co

“We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy,” Obama said in an address to the nation in mid-September.

Commuters Push Train Off Trapped Man


A Perth, Australia, man slipped and became wedged between a train and the platform. The commuters and passengers then joined together to free the man.

Apple And U2 Join Together To Put Their New Album On Your iPhone


Songs of Innocence, U2’s 13th album and first in five years, was automatically pushed to over 500 million iTunes accounts via the cloud back in September.

New Hampshire Home Explodes on Live Television


Television footage showed smoke pouring from the upper floor of the home, which was quickly becoming engulfed by flames. Then, without warning, the home exploded.

Drone Captures Stunning Images Of Seattle’s Space Needle, Ends In Visit From The Cops


Following the flight, police found no visible damage to the Space Needle despite witness reports claiming the drone crashed into the Seattle landmark.

Insane North Dakota Tornado Video You Have To See To Believe


Video taken by a group of oil workers, in May, shows a rare EF-2 tornado hit near their camp, just south of Watford City, North Dakota.

This Terrifying And Amazing BASE Jump Off The 1 World Trade Center


Three men took part in predawn jump off New York City's 1 World Trade Center, which was uploaded to YouTube in March, but actually happened in September 2013.

Amazingly Terrifying Footage Of A Landslide In Baltimore


A day of heavy rain and flooding in the northeast in May resulted in a large landslide in Baltimore’s Charles Village neighborhood. Cars parked along a retaining wall fell 72 feet onto train tracks below.

Minor Earthquake Hits Los Angeles, Major Freak-Out Hits Local News Anchor


The hosts of KTLA’s morning show exercised caution back in March when a 4.4-magnitude tremor struck the neighborhood near Beverly Hills, California.

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