People Are Angry After A Cartoonist Drew A Muslim Woman Calling A Suicide Belt "Fashion"

"When will this fashion belt be out?"

A french cartoonist named Plantu, who works for the Le Monde newspaper, published on his blog Wednesday a drawing titled: "Dolce & Gabbana launches a new collection of hijabs."

In the drawing, which was also published on Twitter and Facebook, are two women wearing hijabs. One of them is wearing an explosives belt and is asking, "When will the fashion belt be out?"

DOLCE & GABBANA lance une collection de hidjabs.

Plantu is referring to the line of hijabs and abayas launched by the Italian luxury brand aimed at Muslim women.

The drawings quickly enraged several internet users, who were outraged to see Plantu associate the veil, and therefore Islam, with terrorism.

@plantu wahouuuuuu, amalgame party, islamophobie party! C'est pas bientot fini?????

Angry Twitter users said that the cartoonist had "gone too far this time."

Hidjab = terrorisme ? Plantu est indéfendable sur ce coup.

"Great, at a time of great religious tensions, let's show a veiled woman as a suicide bomber. Progress!" one person wrote.

@Vl0z @plantu magnifique à l'heure des tensions religieuses et des amalgames de présenter une femme voilée comme une kamikaze.. On avance..

Internet users also spoke out against the drawing on Facebook.

Others have claimed that the drawing is racist.

Allez, Plantu dégaine un dessin raciste plus vite que son ombre. 😭 #RossignolDemission

"It's not even funny," one person said in part.

C'est même pas drôle, c'est raciste premier degré, un "dessin" qui ne sert a rien.. #Poubelle

It's not the first time that Plantu's drawings have stirred up controversies. In 2013, 20 Minutes reported internet users were very angry after the cartoonist did this drawing making a parallel between a trade unionist and an Islamist.

He also received ire after making this drawing in response to the 2013 violence in Trappes, France, that broke out after a police check on a woman wearing a niqab. The cartoon insinuates that the police harassment being claimed was a lie.

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