This Video Game Is Destroying Feminism

Winning is easy, you just have to be the hottest girl around.

This is It Girl, a Facebook game with over 1.7 million users.

Basically girls can shop, party, and date to become "the hottest girl in town."

The problem is you have to be popular to shop.

Having a boyfriend is a big part of the game.

Because everyone knows a girl is nothing without her man.

Get points by having a "showdown" at parties to prove that you're the hottest girl there.

Good news! You don't actually have to be hotter than the girl you're showdowning. You just need a bigger clique!

Now that you're hotter than everyone else, IT'S TIME TO GET FAMOUS!

And most importantly: always stay confident or you may end up a loser.

Strangely, the country where It Girl is most popular is Egypt.

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It's just as insane...