Pinterest Accidentally Built A Better Search Engine Than Google

Nine out of ten times, Pinterest search actually beats Google image search. Pinspiring.

Pinterest was built for *discovery* but with its recent acquisition of Punchfork and real upgrades to the search feature, the user experience has vastly improved. While Pinterest search results can be broad and a little all over the place, it can actually be more useful than Google's bread-and-butter product.

Google, you are SO obvious.

1. Pinterest search for STRIPES: clothes, art, design

Google search for STRIPES: stripes

2. Pinterest search for RUFFLES: dresses, skirts, cakes, ruffles!

Google search for RUFFLES: chips

3. Pinterest search for BLUE: a kitchen, sunset, candles, a church, paint, ~ambience~

Google search for BLUE: the color

4. Pinterest search for CHEVRON: table runners, clothes, handbags, art, design

Google search for CHEVRON: hello OIL

5. Pinterest search for ANGRY: cute and irritated animals plus one kid in timeout

Google search for ANGRY: crappy stock images

6. Pinterest search for COOKIES: Oreos, a candle, chocolate-dipped, fancy, packaged

Google search for COOKIES: chocolate chip BORING

7. Pinterest search for EGGS: bird eggs, painted, pink, hard boiled, eggs on tomatoes, eggs on toast

Google search for EGGS: stuff from a chicken's butt

8. Pinterest search for CALIFORNIA: lofts, water, bridges, filters, camp sites, bridges, sunshine

Google search for CALIFORNIA: maps

9. Pinterest search for IPHONE: cookies, covers, stars, stripes, skulls, iphones

Google search for IPHONE: iphones

10. Pinterest search for LOVE: nothing?

Google search for LOVE: better than Pinterest

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