How The Average American Has Changed From The Sixties To Today

Americans today spend more time in front of the TV, in the car, and smoking weed.

Compared to Americans of the 1960s, Americans today ...

1. Watch way more TV.

2. Spend more time in the car.

3. Spend more of life single.

4. And more time sexually active.

5. When Americans today do have kids, they spend way more time with them.

6. And Americans are a lot more likely to live with their parents past the age of 18.

7. But they smoke less, so they're less likely to get yelled at.

8. However, they are a lot more likely to smoke weed.

9. Men are doing more housework; women are doing less.

10. The opposite is true of work outside the home.

11. They're less likely to go to church.

12. And a lot more suspicious of the government.

13. But they're much more supportive of a female president.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story misstated the increase in percentage of Americans who would vote for a female president. The percentage rose by 33 percentage points.

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