16 People Who Stan Harder Than You

The consensus? Totally worth it.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed community to share the most extreme things they've done as stans.

And we're going to get to our favorites in a sec, but first, a message from a concerned fan:

"Oh god PLEASE do not give us crazy fandom members more fuel to try and one up each other to be the 'most dedicated' fan... this is a dangerous question that will lead to a lot of us trying to one up the answers lmao. Not adding my own craziness to this equation, just begging you to at least post a disclaimer that reads that you are not responsible for anyone who tries to repeat, and do not condone anyone going any crazier, than some responses you may get." —brittanir46872c71d

So, let it be known: BuzzFeed News does not condone or recommend acts of standom which would place in danger the stan, the object of their stanning, or the person who dares get between them. Also, we've expanded on the official definition of "stan" to include fictional characters. OK, onward.

1. The stan who lives in beast mode.

2. The shipper who put her blood, sweat, and tears (but especially blood) into the fight for her faves.

3. The Swiftie who spreads the love (and the sweets) every year.

4. The New Zealander who prioritized faves over a healthy sleep schedule.

"My faves used to post between 8:30 am - 12:30 on Tuesdays their time, which in my time zone was like 3:30 - 6:30 am (because I live in New Zealand), so for about a year and a half I'd set alarms for myself to wake up every 30 minutes from 3-7am on Wednesdays to check if they'd posted. If they had, I'd download the video and make gifs from it before I went to school, even if it meant I'd only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep that night. Ya boi was dedicated to the cause." —jemia

5. The fan who named her dog after a Doctor Who hero (who is almost as handsome as his namesake).

6. The Corey Haim stan who was determined to grow the fandom.

7. The mom whose two fandoms are immortalized in her son.

8. The swiper hoping for a connection.

"A few years ago, I heard that this YouTuber I loved had a Tinder. So, of course, I downloaded Tinder. I also downloaded a fake GPS app that would allow me to set my location to California, where said YouTuber lives. (It took three tries to find a GPS app that Tinder couldn't pick up. Desperate much?) I never ended up finding him, though, and after a few days of left swiping I gave up. —marisafaith97

9. This dedicated linguist.

10. The stan whose tattoos could double as a Wikipedia entry on her favorite racing driver.

11. The Jason Dohring stan who wears her love on her feet.

12. The springer (or spring chicken?) with a talent for crafting.

"In January of 2016, I bought 24 Jesus candles from Walmart and brought them from Atlanta to NYC. I was seeing my favorite musical, Deaf West's Spring Awakening. I put every cast member's face on a candle and carried them to the stage door, and I learned some sign language to interact with the cast. Best night ever! Even if the candles were too heavy for my backpack?‍" —Avaelizabeth22

13. The Panic at the Disco fan whose perseverance is honestly impressive.

14. The X-Files fan who wanted to believe (sorry) her cosplay would be worth its lasting repercussions.

15. The Directioner so 1DAF, neither job nor money could keep her from them.

16. The bride-to-be whose bachelorette party is truly a celebration of love. (A very specific kind of love.)

This post is part of a series of stories about stans and super fans.

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