Matt LeBlanc Joked About Emilia Clarke's Body At The Emmys

Tonight he is America's gross uncle.

This moment between Emilia Clarke and Matt LeBlanc on the Emmys red carpet began innocently enough: They traded inanities about who was the bigger fan of whom.

Then, E! cut to LeBlanc and host Jason Kennedy, who asked him whether he was a "big fan of Game of Thrones."

"Yeah, I saw the first season, and I kind of fell out of touch with it," LeBlanc said. "I guess that's when she started getting naked, so I need to catch up."

He laughed...

Other people died inside.

Every woman ever after #MattLeBlanc said he only wants to watch #GOT cause Emilia Clarke gets naked 😒 #Emmys

#Emmys disrespectful with the whole Matt Leblanc thing like why? 💜 you Emilia Clarke way to hold such grace&smiles. E News that was a fail.

Matt LeBlanc telling Emilia Clark he should start watching second season of GOT cause she starts getting naked is too much. Creep.

It’s a night when she’s made a huge professional achievement, but let’s not forget she’s a sex object!

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