You'll Have Questions About Pigs When You Watch "Okja," And Here Are The Answers

I'm out here calling scientists and reading government reports so you won't have to! (Some spoilers for Okja.)

If you saw the Netflix movie Okja, you know it’s the sweet and very upsetting story of a young girl who goes on an intercontinental quest to save her beloved “super pig” from the corporation that owns her.

The movie explores the difference between ~images~ that are presented to the world and ~reality~.

So when the movie really pulls back the curtain and reveals THE TRUTH about super pigs, I had to ask: Is this pig even realistic?

And then, for my sake and yours, I called a scientist.

Discovery #1: Okja moves her face too much for a pig.

Discovery #2: Pigs really are very social animals, kind of like Okja!

What about that scary farm? This led me to discovery #3: In reality, the slaughterhouse pigs — including the piglet Okja rescues — probably wouldn’t have been outside at all.

Discovery #4: The pig mating scene is also unrealistic, because most commercial pig reproduction happens through artificial insemination.

But apparently female pigs are often placed near male pigs because this prompts fertility. Nature!

Discovery #5: Pigs really do scream under stress.

Discovery #6: The bolt gun thing that the pigs get shot in the head with is real, but it probably wouldn't be used on a pig in the US.

And now we all know more about pigs and how we kill them. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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