These Images From The Earthquake's Aftermath In Iran Will Break Your Heart

More than 300 people have been killed after a powerful earthquake struck an area along the Iran–Iraq border on Sunday.

A powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the region along the Iran–Iraq border has killed more than 300 people and injured at least 5,000, according to local authorities.

The earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks — at least 153 have been registered, according to the Iranian seismological center — sent thousands of people fleeing their homes and onto the streets at night. Rescue workers are continuing to search for bodies amid the rubble while trying to clear blocked roads to reach remote villages.

The quake, which was felt across Iraq and shook homes from Irbil to Baghdad, has mostly damaged areas in the western Kermanshah province in Iran, perched among the Zagros Mountains dividing Iran and Iraq.

Here are some images from the region.

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