Prince William Visited An LGBTQ Restaurant In Poland, Which Still Doesn’t Recognize Same-Sex Unions

“We are surprised too, but where else would he feel nice and safe than in our queer and loving space?” one worker posted on Instagram.

Prince William reportedly had a great time at an LGBTQ-friendly restaurant while visiting Poland, a country that does not legally recognize same-sex unions. 

The Prince of Wales dined at the Butero Bistro in Warsaw, which advertises itself as a “queer space with comfort food.” He is currently in the country to meet with British and Polish troops in the city of Rzeszów, where shipments of military and humanitarian aid are set to support neighboring Ukraine.

The British royal ordered a roughly $9 pulled pork sandwich called "kanapka w chalce,” which comes with fries and garlic mayo, according to the Daily Mail

The prince’s team had been working near Butero Bistro as part of a two-day tour of Poland and they invited him, which resulted in a “great night,” People reported.  

A hospitality worker at the restaurant shared an Instagram video Thursday of her taping William’s nametag onto a wooden seat. 

“We are surprised too, but where else would he feel nice and safe than in our queer and loving space? We did what we do best - we fed and the rest is history,” the worker wrote in the caption.

William’s presence at the restaurant shows his continuous support for the queer community. He previously denounced anti-gay bullying in an interview with LGBTQ magazine Attitude, which he was the cover of in June 2016. He’s also visited organizations working to support queer youth facing homelessness. 

Poland is one of the worst countries in the European Union for queer people, according to the European bureau of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

As part of his two-day visit, the Associated Press reported that the prince thanked Poland for offering humanitarian and military support to Ukraine.

"I just wanted to come here in person to say thank you for all that you're doing, keeping everyone safe out here and keeping an eye on what's going on,'' he said. 

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