Damar Hamlin’s Family Is Thanking Fans For Their Compassion, And Fellow NFL Players Are Also Showing Their Support

“Your generosity and compassion means the world to us. Please keep Damar in your prayers,” his family said in a statement on Tuesday.

NFL players and fans are showing support online for Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety who is in critical condition after going into cardiac arrest following a tackle Monday night.

Hamlin, 24, collapsed onto the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment, and is currently sedated and in critical condition, according to a statement the Buffalo Bills released late on Monday.

The NFL shared a statement from Hamlin’s family on Tuesday expressing gratitude for the prayers, kind words, and donations they received after the incident. They also thanked the first responders and healthcare professionals who helped Hamlin, as well as the Bengals team and coach.

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“Your generosity and compassion means the world to us. Please keep Damar in your prayers. We will release updates as soon as we have them,” the statement said.

Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, who has known Hamlin since the player was about 12 years old, also took a moment to share his admiration at a news conference on Tuesday.

“This is a really personal thing for me being a Pittsburgher and that young man being a Pittsburgher,” Tomlin said. “I got a lot of love and respect for him as a human being. His commitment to his goals and dreams of doing what he is doing right now.”

Tomlin added it’s an honor to know young people like Hamlin, and he would express that to him whenever the Steelers played the Buffalo Bills over the past two seasons.

Coach Tomlin shares his very personal thoughts on Damar Hamlin:

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ESPN commentator and former NFL player Robert Griffin III asked people not to share the video of Hamlin’s collapse on the field and instead share a photo of players and staff kneeling in unity for Hamlin.

Please don’t share the video of the Damar Hamlin play. Share this because we are all Praying for him and his family.

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NFL players and other athletes joined in conveying compassion for Hamlin and his family.

Damar is an absolute warrior and a Great man. Tough as hell, kind, hardworking, creative and artistic. An amazing person to be around. The prayers and love for him have been incredible. Keep ‘Em coming for @HamlinIsland

Twitter: @Tommysweeney15

The game is not important. Damar Hamlin’s life is important. Please be ok. Please. 🙏🏼

Twitter: @JJWatt

Father God, I pray that Damar Hamlin is okay and here with us. I also ask that he have a speedy recovery mentally & physically God; in Jesus name… Amen🙏🏾

Twitter: @iamSauceGardner

Join me in praying for: Damar Hamlin’s full recovery. Peace for his family and loved ones. Wisdom for Doctors and physicians in contact with Damar right now. “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16b #Bills #MNF #DamarHamlin

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Damar Hamlin is the best of us. We love you, 3. Praying for you.

Twitter: @Pitt_FB
Twitter: @JoshAllenQB

Praying for my brother!! Keep fighting bro! 😔❤️

Twitter: @A1Cam_

The whole nation is behind you, 3. 🙏🏾❤️

Twitter: @_1Sledge
Twitter: @KJ_Osborn

My prayers and thoughts go out to @HamlinIsland the Hamlin Family. I’m praying that you pull through bro. Love 🙏🏾💙

Twitter: @teehiggins5

Damar Hamlin represents every one of us and every teammate we've ever had. I've never met him, but I know him as a member of our brotherhood. My family and I pray for him and his family as he recovers. God be with him.

Twitter: @drewbrees

Full of so many different emotions. Just thinking about @HamlinIsland and his family. Your football family is with you as well. This is bigger than the game.

Twitter: @DavidBakhtiari

Often times people watching forget what players risk on Sundays. Praying hard for Damar Hamlin and his family. God speed.

Twitter: @ScootsyQ

Fans also donated to a toy drive that Hamlin had organized in 2020. The player originally hoped to raise $2,500 to buy toys for children in need, but the GoFundMe had raised more than $4.5 million as of Tuesday.

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