It’s On Sight Between Chase Stokes And A Monkey Who He Said Peed Directly In His Eye On Set

The Outer Banks actor said he thought it was rain at first.

Starring in a hit Netflix television show is all fun and games until a monkey pees directly into your eye. 

On Monday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Outer Banks star Chase Stokes recounted a nightmare day on set while filming Season 3 of the series, which dropped on Netflix on Thursday. 

Stokes told Jimmy Fallon he touched poisonous tree sap and got hit by a bird before his traumatic encounter with a monkey. 

Stokes, who plays Pogues leader John B in the series, said the unimaginable misfortunate series of events occurred while filming in the jungles of Barbados where he was performing a stunt for the season finale. 

"There was one day in particular where the universe just decided to not work in my favor," Stokes told Fallon. "It was a very exhausting stunt so I was leaning against a tree, and next thing you know my arm is on fire and I’m like, What is going on?"

One of the crew members then informed Stokes that he was touching poisonous tree sap and that it was all over his arm. He said his arm was treated, and he eventually told his director that he felt OK after recovering. 

Stokes continued telling this “100% true” story, sharing next that a bird flew into the back of his head. But nothing could compare to the actor’s eye-opening encounter with what he thought was rain falling onto his face. 

“So it starts to rain, says one of our crew members. He looks to me and says, ‘Oh my god, it’s raining finally. This will cool us down,’” Stokes told Fallon. “And I look up and immediately he says, ‘Nope, it’s not rain. It’s monkeys peeing.’ And a monkey literally pees directly in my eyeball.” 

Impressively, Stokes didn’t call it then, saying he managed to get through this horrific yet hilarious day to finish shooting his remaining scenes that day.

“I’m just trying to make a TV show,” Stokes said. 

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