Another Round, Episode 20: Peak Blackness

On this week's episode we talk about our first time getting waxed (eyebrows and Brazilian)! Then we chat with Rembert Browne, senior writer at Grantland, about the black teens who run Vine, writing for the internet, and Meek Mill's highway rest stop.

Believe it or not, Drake was sobbing moments before this footage was taken.

This week, we welcome our avowed nemesis, Grantland writer Rembert Browne who added an "E" to his last name to make it classier.

In addition to his work at Grantland, Rembert also runs a million Tumblrs including Peak Blackness, Root 100, and his personal blog Remblr.

This week we talk about our first times getting waxed, the worst things about Twitter, and for the first time our guest battles the reigning champion of Drunken Debates!

We also pay homage to this amazing video of high school kids doing the Nae Nae.

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Here are eight random things you can expect to hear on this week’s episode:

1. "Aren't all birds naked??"

2. "Your eyebrows will be in soon thanks to the white girls."

3. "[Oysters] are kind of an arts and crafts project."

4. "There are few things more inspiring than watching a man be proud of a mediocre thing that he's done."

5. "There should be magnet schools in Atlanta for Vine."

6. "What is the [POTUS] budget for cocoa butter?!"

7. "Meek (Mill) now works at a highway rest stop."

8. "I'm sorry you are intimidated by people who enjoy robust flavors on their sandwiches."

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae!

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