Another Round, Episode 12: Casual Negro Spirituals

On this week's episode: A chat about Tinder, an announcement about a new dating segment, and an interview with the endlessly talented comedian/rapper/artist extraordinaire Jean Grae.

Hey friends! Guess what time it is?

No, goofballs! It's time for another episode of Another Round! Get your air horns ready!

This week the incomparable Jean Grae stops by the stude to talk with us about comedy, hip hop, and everything under the sun.

She also sings some soft modern Negro spirituals in the background as we discuss Tinder and the state of our dating lives.

Here are six random things you can look forward to hearing on this week’s episode:

"I see someone's job and I'm like, 'That's nice, I'm gonna do that! I'm gonna come take your job.'"

"I was very confused when I looked up and saw your keyboardist had no keyboard."

"I keep seeing commercials for [BlackPeopleMeet.Com]...and they're all like, young hip Brooklynites. 'We're light skinned, we're partying, we have natural hair.'"

"I will rip your face off like Travis the Chimp"

"Sometimes a really good thing to donate is a hug."

"[FKA Twigs' album] just makes me want to get high on something and have marathon sex in a hotel for the rest of my life"

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae!

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