Another Round, Episode 4: A Podcast Of One's Own

On this week's episode: Tracy talks about #WhatHadHappened at her first Klan rally and we chat with Gene Demby, lead blogger at NPR's Code Switch team, about the whiteness of the "public radio voice." Subscribe on iTunes!

It's Tuesdaaaay! That means another episode of Another Round! Tell your friends!

In this episode we kick it with Gene Demby of NPR's Code Switch and the super sharp blog PostBourgie.

If it sounds like we're friends in real life, it's because we are! This is basically us:

The conversation was kicked off by Chenjerai Kumanyika’s piece "Challenging The Whiteness Of Public Radio."

Then, to lighten the mood, Tracy tells the heartwarming story of that time she went to a Klan rally!

Without further achoo, here are 6 random things you can look forward to hearing in this week’s episode:

1. "The fact that I'm at a Klan rally in the year 2000 is not the most absurd part of this story."

2. "If there's a way to fuck something up, men will find the way."

3. "You have time-travel capabilities and that's what you gon' do?"

4. "Let's acknowledge that the public radio voice is really, really, really white [...] it's like Utah."

5. "There's a very classed and normative idea about what it means to be 'professional.'"

6. "If you write about race on the internet — if you say the word 'race' and you're a person of color high on a hilltop by yourself — somebody will find you and say, 'No, you're the real racist!!'"

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter!), Wake, Comfort Fit, and 6th Sense and the Kid Daytona.

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