Another Round Episode 27: No New Friends, My Squirrel Dude

In this episode, introduce a segment called "Is This Real Life," Tracy tells another joke, and we sit down with Alexis Wilkinson, the first black woman president of the Harvard Lampoon!

It's Podcast Tuesday again! Drake can't even handle it, as usual.

This episode, we talk with the hilarious Alexis Wilkinson, the first black woman elected president of the Harvard Lampoon and a current writer for HBO's VEEP, who has an AMAZING squirrel story that you really must hear.

Read all about Alexis and her badassery here!

Here are 5 random things you'll hear in this episode:

1. "Girls...why was he not home?!"

2. "Yes! Praise him! Woo!"

3. "My dude! My dude! My squirrel dude!"

4. "We will never forget the sagging pant."

5. "You're lucky I didn't steal your mail and shit in your yard, because that's what I should have done, but I'm a lady."

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae!

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