Another Round, Episode 23: The Audacity Of Despair

This week, your babies give advice on how to be a good big brother/sister, we hash out the awesome and awful of the VMAs, and we talk to creator of The Wire and Show Me A Hero, David Simon!

It's Podcast Tuesday again and Drake just can't stop smiling!

This week we had you, our listeners, talk to your kids to get some tips on how to be a good older sibling for North West, who has a baby brother on the way, and it is the CUTEST THING OMG.

We also talk to the man you can blame for all those hours of forced smalltalk with white people about The Wire, David Simon!

Here are 6 random things you can look forward to hearing this episode:

1. "Let's not name [your new baby sister] 'Dump Truck.' That's a terrible idea."

2. "Nobody loves a bureaucrat, do they?"

3. "How do you write realistic dialogue when white people can be so cartoonishly racist?"

4. "Every time I watch the VMAs I'm like, 'Why did I do this to myself?'"

5. "We're, like, complex human beings, who'da thought? Surprise!"

6. "[Kanye is] like the drunk uncle that also makes good points every once in awhile."