Another Round, Ep. 58: The Job Of Pettiness

Our friend Ashley Ford stops by to talk about money, being petty, and Kenny Loggins. Plus: Stacy-Marie Ishmael is back with Career Corner, and we debut a new segment called You're Cut Off.

Ashley Ford!!

Listen here!

You are never judged at work on your work. you are judged on a combination of your work, how people feel about the work that you are doing, and how they feel about you.

Ashley Ford breaks down what it actually means to be a perfectionist.

When @iSmashFizzle speaks on the misconceptions of perfectionism on @anotherround and your soul feels liberated! 👼🏽

Thanks to @ashleythinks who took the time to transcribe this!!

Every first draft is perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist.― Jane SmileyA writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.― Thomas Mann, Essays of Three Decades

More from this week's episode:

You can find Ashley's work here.

Ashley talks about her love for Indiana how she felt when she moved to New York. Read more in her essays "A Queer Hoosier on Still Loving Indiana" and "New York, I love you but you're bringing me down." And also check out her take on $money$.

Ashley loves Kenny Loggins. Especially "Return to Pooh Corner".

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We talk about how lacrosse is seen as white man's sport but obviously it was started by brown people. Learn about its history here.

We have a new process for listener call-in questions! Download an app called Rolltape, record your story, publish it, and we might feature it on the show. Currently we're asking: Who is your problematic fave and why?

Tracy bought a round for quiche.

Heben bought a round for the ends of sliced bread.

The usual business

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This episode features music from Donwill (follow him on Twitter) and Jean Grae.

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