17 Artists To Fire You Up When Things Look Bleak

Because when you're moved by art, you become less complacent.

Hello and welcome to the Official (online) Museum of Another Round, where we have some beautiful black art for you today.

On this week's episode of BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast, Kim Drew — the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Social Media Manager, as well as the mind behind the Instagram account @MuseumMammy and Black Contemporary Art Tumblr — talks art curation in white spaces, what it means to be a "careful black girl," and how to museum like a pro.

If you'd like to surround yourself with art today, take this tour of our humble lil museum and get to know some of the artists that Kim, Heben, and Tracy talk about in the episode (along with a few they didn't).

1. Kehinde Wiley

2. Alicia Henry

3. Jayson Musson

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Jayson Musson / Via youtube.com

If you haven't seen Jayson Musson's video series Art Thoughtz —featuring his alter-ego Hennessy Youngman go watch it right now. His irreverence, coupled with a scathing critique of the art world, has found a loyal online fanbase.

But beyond his YouTube persona, Musson's installation work, painting, and writing investigate race, culture, and media consumption in the age of the Internet.

4. Awol Erizku

5. Kara Walker

6. Carrie Mae Weems

7. Elizabeth Catlett

8. Augusta Savage

9. Shantell Martin

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Vocativ / Via youtube.com

A master of line and gesture, Shantell Martin has attracted international acclaim for her intricate, large-scale, stream-of-conscious drawings and projections. This British-born artist is currently based in NY and can make a lot of magic with a blank wall and some big-ass markers.

10. Hank Willis Thomas

11. Gordon Parks

12. Adrian Piper

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APRA Foundation Berlin / Via youtube.com

Adrian Piper, currently based in Berlin, is a conceptual artist and philosopher whose work has focused on ethics, race and cultural criticism since the 1970's. In addition to her performative public pieces challenging social norms and commenting on life as an outsider (one piece included riding a public bus around NYC with wads of paper shoved in her mouth, another 1983 video shows her teaching a group of people how to dance) Piper was also the first tenured African-American female professor of philosophy in the United States.

13. Lorna Williams

14. Nick Cave

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youtube.com / Via PBS NewsHour

Nick Cave (not the white musician guy) is a performance artist, sculptor, and Alvin Ailey-trained dancer who is not afraid of fun. His whimsical series SoundSuits is composed of thousands of tiny pieces of beads, flowers, and fabrics, some of which look like human chandelier suits, blossoming flower gardens, floating junk mobiles, and yeti-looking creations.

15. Phoebe Boswell

16. Emory Douglas

17. Mickalene Thomas

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