12 Gifts Of Hair Wisdom To Help You Glow

Edges laid = day slayed

This week on BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast we talk All. About. Hair.

1. Honor Thy Crown.

2. There's no such thing as "bad hair."

3. Look to people who look like you for your beauty advice.

4. “Even though Whitney is everyone’s woman, your hair products are not.” — Tracy

5. Respect the ~process~ and strip yourself of misinformation.

6. Turn your locks into a Slip’n’Slide to detangle.

7. Invest in quality tools.

8. Wash day doesn't have to take all your time and money!

9. Master a few quick and easy styles to save your sanity.

My hair life will NEVER BE THE SAME @brokeymcpoverty

BuzzFeed / Via Twitter

Sometimes you just don’t have three days to do your hair, but you still wanna slay. Figure out how to do a few relatively low-maintenance protective or stretching styles like buns, bantu knots, or the classic Afro puff that you can rock when you need to give yourself a break. Here's a list of awesome styles that are pretty easy.

10. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

11. Don’t let your hair stop you from working out and living your healthiest life!

12. Don’t let ignorance and microaggressions ruin your day.

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