11 Ways To Up Your Media Literacy Game

Because "alternative facts" aren't helpful.

Joy Reid, MSNBC host of AM Joy joined BuzzFeed's Another Round podcast to talk media literacy, Elmo and...well, what a time to be alive, you know?

She also shared her experience of President Trump’s inauguration, President Obama’s media legacy and gave us some great advice for keeping your eyes on the facts.

Facts are having a rough time at the moment. In a media environment that makes it hard to know what is true, here are some best practices from Joy Reid and the Another Round team to keep you awake and informed:

1. Verify. Clarify.

2. Know your sources.

3. Inform yourself with the work of investigative journalists.

4. Get a handle on breaking news.

5. Tweet responsibly.

Hey, everyone, that wasn't me at Tillerson's hearing https://t.co/tcVN0cSeva

Don’t just retweet unverified information or things you haven’t even read. Know what information you are sharing to avoid helping to spread misinformation. And remember: once untrue information goes viral it’s hard to undo the false message.

6. Know your blind spots and biases, fact check, then trust your judgment.

7. Study up on current authoritarian regimes.

8. Consider the relationship between media, power and politics.

9. Twitter *can* be a great source for news.

So the federal govt won't be fighting climate change for the next 4 years. They *will be fighting abortion, voting, healthcare and dissent.

But you have to do the work of curating the information you consume, such as making customized twitter lists. “If you follow good people, you’ll get good stuff,” Joy says. “It’s easy to economize your reading,” she says, adding that she finds new people to follow by looking at the feeds of people she already trusts. This list of political journalists to follow may be a good place to start.

10. But Facebook has some work to do, so be wary of your feeds.

"people who cite Facebook as a major source of news are more likely to view fake news headlines as accurate" https://t.co/rnkq7raRxB

“I’m less confident in them right now,” Joy says of Facebook. “I think they're trying to change it but a lot of what happened during the last election was is you have people, entrepreneurs, who come up with fake news stories, flood them into Facebook... and people believe them more than people believe the real news.”

11. Diversify your media diet.

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