10 Ways To Start Living Your Best Life Right Now

Go to bed. Be on time. Do you.

This week on the Another Round podcast, the brilliant Rachel Wilkerson Miller dropped a ton of knowledge about organization, self-care and the all-important complete sentence: "no." Listen below!

Here are some of the things Rachel recommends to start living a better, more honest (and definitely more punctual) life:

1. She recommends saying "no" instead of flaking — and being okay with the FOMO.

Adam Ellis // BuzzFeed

There are lots of tips here that will tell you how to adult! You should definitely read them all.

2. Also: go the fuck to bed! Just do it. And here's some advice on how to trick out your bed.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller

3. Figure out how much sleep you need to be a functional human. Sleepyti.me will do the math for you. *

Rachel Wilkerson Miller

*or dog

4. Overcome your aversion to being on time.

Zoe Burnett // BuzzFeed

Chronic lateness can be anxiety-inducing for no good reason. Getting organized can be a form of self care — because being a hot mess who is always late and can't find her stuff doesn't actually feel good.

5. Don't be afraid of putting time and effort into making your space feel like a home.

Columbia / Via youtube.com

6. It's more fun if you turn your cleaning chores into a dance party!


Belting broadway tunes is one way to avoid having a meltdown while you clean out your desk from all those neglected ~responsibilities~.

7. Show your belongings a little TLC.

Rachel Wilkerson Miller

Reunite your socks with the KonMari folding method.

8. Track yo' self!

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Track your habits and moods with a bullet journal. Recognizing your patterns can be the first step to not feeling like crap.

9. Don't feel guilty for actually relaxing on weekends.

Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

Nobody can do you like you. Get more tips for a great weekend feel-good routine here.

10. And finally, the truest statement known to humankind: men gotta do better, y'all.

Behind every woke man is an exhausted feminist you need to thank.

Stayin' woke is exhausting AF. Don't forget to show your VIPs some love!

Enjoy the show and show us some love. <3

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