10 Adorable Animals That Climate Change Is Killing Off

We'll miss you, adorable little friends.

World leaders are meeting in Paris this week to talk about how to combat climate change. Here are some animals whose futures are on the line.

Climate change is about the shifting trend lines of our environment, so it's almost impossible to attribute the endangerment of a species directly to it. But species are experiencing mass die-offs (the world has lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years, according to the World Wildlife Federation) and scientists have warned that climate change is likely playing a key role.

1. Pikas

2. Sea lions

3. Australian Flying Foxes

4. Koalas

5. Saigas

6. Polar Bears

7. Sage Grouses

8. Fur Seals

9. Emperor Penguins

10. Starfish

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