The Sexiest, Smartest Colleges In The Country

The statistics have spoken — these schools combine the highest intellectual standards with the hottest scholars. Brag accordingly.

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Sexiness has been tragically ignored by most college ranking systems (we're looking at you, US News & World Report), but no longer. BuzzFeed plotted Forbes' academic rankings of colleges and universities against dating site DateMySchool's hotness index, which measures the attractiveness of students by how much interest their dating profiles get. Schools in the top right of the graph above scored high in both. Then BuzzFeed weighted both ranks equally and tallied them up to determine our top 10:

10. Carnegie Mellon University

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Carnegie Mellon ranks 69th in academics and 32nd in hotness, for a combined 10th place in our overall ranking. Actress Ming-Na, who appeared in ER and The Joy Luck Club, is an alum.

9. University of Virginia

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UVa ranks 36th in academics, 40th in hotness. Tina Fey graduated in 1988.

8. Harvard University

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It's no surprise that Harvard scored high academically — it placed 6th on the Forbes list — but the Ivy also did well in hotness, coming in at No. 51. Rashida Jones graduated in 1997.

7. Boston University

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BU ranks 98th in academics and 16th in hotness. Actress Alfre Woodard graduated in 1974.

6. Boston College

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Boston College just beats out its neighbor, with a 26 rank in academics and 31 in sexiness. Amy Poehler got a bachelor's in media and communications there in 1993.

5. Columbia University

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Columbia ranks 8th in academics and 37th in sexiness. Jake Gyllenhaal attended for a while; his sister Maggie graduated in 1999.

4. University of Pennsylvania

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Coming in 17th in academics and 33rd in hotness, Penn beats out several of its Ivy brethren. John Legend enrolled at 16 and studied English and African-American literature.

3. Princeton University

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Princeton tops Forbes' list for academics, and at 36th place, it's doing pretty well in hotness too. David Duchovny graduated in 1982.

2. Dartmouth College

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Dartmouth ranked 34th in academics and 4th in sexiness — the much-beloved Connie Britton is an alum.

1. Brown University

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At 5th in hotness and 19th in academics, Brown had the best combined ranking of all. This is the top place for eye candy and brain power — Emma Watson enrolled in 2009.

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