Naomi Osaka Announced She Is Pregnant With Her First Child

"One thing I'm looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone 'that's my mom,'" Osaka said in a statement.

Tennis champion Naomi Osaka announced on Wednesday that she is pregnant with her first child days after withdrawing from this year's Australian Open.

"The past few years have been interesting, to say the least, but I find that its the most challenging times in life that may be the most fun," Osaka, 25, said in a statement posted to her Twitter, attached with a photo of a sonogram. "These few months away from the sport has really given me a new love and appreciation for the game I've dedicated my life to."

"I realize that life is so short, and I don't take any moments for granted, every day is a new blessing and adventure," the four-time Grand Slam champion continued. "I know that I have so much to look forward to in the future, one thing I'm looking forward to is for my kid to watch one of my matches and tell someone, 'that's my mom', haha. 2023 will be a year that'll be full of lessons for me, and I hope I'll see you guys in the start of the next one cause I'll be at Aus 2024."

"Love you all infinitely," she concluded.

Can’t wait to get back on the court but here’s a little life update for 2023.

Twitter: @naomiosaka

At the bottom of her statement, Osaka added a "sidenote," stating that "I don't think there's a perfectly correct path to take in life but I always felt that if you move forward with good intentions you'll find your way eventually."

Last week, Osaka, who won the Australian Open in 2019 and 2021, withdrew from this year's competition.

In 2021, Osaka said that she was considering taking a break from tennis in an emotional post-match interview after losing in the third round of the US Open.

"I feel like, for me, recently, when I win, I don’t feel happy; I feel more like a relief. And then, when I lose, I feel very sad," said Osaka, who was 23 at the time. "I don't think that's normal."

Over the years, Osaka has openly shared her struggles with the pressure of tennis and the expectations that come with playing at the top level.

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