The BuzzFeed Black History Reading List

From the black panthers to HBCUs to fights for representation, here are our biggest stories on some of the most important people, places, moments, and movements in black American history. Time for some education.

1. Are These Former Black Panthers Murderers or Martyrs? — Elena Carter

2. The Fight for Wilcox County’s First Integrated Prom — Max Blau

3. How an Unknown Boxer Knocked Out Segregation in Louisiana — Steve Knopper

4. Inside Hollywood’s Shocking Blackface Problem — Kelley L. Carter

5. The Fight to Resurrect America’s Most Important Black Beach — John Stanton

6. You Have Heard Bernard Purdie Play Drums — John Lingan

7. The Battle for the Soul of Oakland — Joel Anderson

8. How a Fatal Boxing Match on a Navy Ship Marked a Pivotal Point for Race in the U.S. Military — Aram Roston

9. "This Is What They Did for Fun": The Story of a Modern-Day Lynching — Albert Samaha

10. What Happens When Women at Historically Black Colleges Report Their Assaults — Anita Badejo

11. Discovering "Blind Tom," the Slave Turned Civil War-Era Pop Star — Jeffrey Renard Allen

12. Bill Cosby’s Famous “Pound Cake” Speech, Annotated — Adam Serwer

13. The Woman Who Helped Change How Police Treat Transgender People — Nicole Pasulka

14. Why I Became a Southern Writer — James Hannaham

15. The Rise, Fall, And Improbable Comeback of Morris Brown College — Donovan X. Ramsey

16. Teaching the Camera to See My Skin — Syreeta McFadden

17. How College Wrestling Star "Tiger Mandingo" Became an HIV Scapegoat — Steven Thrasher

18. How A Small-Time Drug Dealer Rescued Dozens During Katrina — Joel Anderson

19. After 20 Years, “Friday” Is (Still) The Most Important Film Ever Made About The Hood — Kelley L. Carter