The Most Incisive Stories You Need To Read This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Marisa Carroll meets one of Snapchat's most controversial stars. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

1. Lights! Camera! Suction! How A Plastic Surgeon Became A Snapchat Sensation — BuzzFeed News

2. Criminal ChargesThe Verge

3. The Embryo Crusader — BuzzFeed News

4. The Pushovers — BuzzFeed News

5. The Day We Discovered Our Parents Were Russian SpiesThe Guardian

6. I Hated My Body Until It Stopped Working — BuzzFeed

7. This Is What Life Is Like When Your Daughter Is Kidnapped By Boko Haram — BuzzFeed News

8. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About How ISIS Uses The Internet — BuzzFeed News

9. My Best Friend Saved Me When I Attempted Suicide, But I Didn’t Save Her — BuzzFeed Reader

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