The Most Earth-Shattering Stories You Can't Miss This Week

This week for BuzzFeed News, Sarah A. Topol searches for buried treasure. Read that and these other great stories from BuzzFeed and around the web.

1. The Hunt for Poland's Buried Nazi Gold Trains — BuzzFeed News

Gregory Michenaud for BuzzFeed News

Last summer, explorers in Poland claimed to have discovered tunnels built for trains carrying plundered Nazi gold, only to be debunked a few months later. But for the true believers who’ve been hunting for this treasure for decades, this merely proved what they’ve thought all along: Inside these mountains are secrets and stories that some would rather stay buried. Read it at BuzzFeed News.

2. Why Are Indigenous Canadians Killing Themselves? — BuzzFeed News

Amber Bracken for BuzzFeed News

In recent months, hundreds of Canadian Indigenous people have tried to kill themselves, with 11 people attempting suicide in a single night in April. As the crisis intensifies across the country, Zehra Rehman visits the residents of one Cree reserve as they try to make sense of it while tracing the decades of injustices that led them here. Read it at BuzzFeed News.

3. Oxycontin's 12-Hour ProblemLos Angeles Times

Liz. O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times

In this deeply reported investigation, Harriet Ryan, Lisa Girion, and Scott Glover allege that OxyContin drugmaker Purdue Pharma misled the public when promoting their drug, ultimately contributing to its widespread abuse. “You are messing with those areas of the brain that are involved in addiction, and you are going to get the person dependent on it." Read it at Los Angeles Times.

4. A Surge of Startups Is Changing Life in Utah — BuzzFeed News

Michelle Rial / BuzzFeed News

In Provo office parks and Salt Lake City startup incubators, tech is increasingly making a home for itself in the Beehive State. But, as Caroline O'Donovan learns, not everyone’s happy about tech’s impact on the Utah way of life. Read it at BuzzFeed News.

5. Inside the Unregulated Chinese Hospitals That Make Men ImpotentVice

Photo by Li Wei

R. W. McMorrow traces four men's botched penile surgeries to reveal how China’s private hospitals are affecting the country’s citizens. "Physicians at private clinics have bargained with patients during surgery, female patients have been tricked into aborting healthy fetuses, and there have been many documented deaths as a result of physician negligence." Read it at Vice.

6. How Kerry Washington Became a Publicity Magician — BuzzFeed Reader

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Anne Helen Petersen discovers the actress's secret to maintaining fame while revealing nothing of her private life: hiding in plain sight. "It’s a classic magic trick: with one hand, Washington directs you towards Scandal, her politics, her feminism, even her dog, and you forget to watch what she’s doing with the other. She hides, but she does it right before our eyes." Read it at BuzzFeed Reader.

7. What Happens When Big-City Chefs Open Small-Town RestaurantsEater

Courtesy of Kindred for Eater

Hillary Dixler learns what has lured some of the country's most esteemed chefs to smaller locales, and the complications they face when they arrive. "For the first five years, I taught every cook we had how to hold a knife and dice an onion." Read it at Eater.

8. Drake Demonstrates the Struggle of Being in Your Late Twenties — BuzzFeed Reader

Young Money Entertainment / Cash Money Records

Reggie Ugwu explores how the rapper's latest album shows he is getting older, but not necessarily better, which makes him like a lot of people at his age. "Views turns a decisive corner into late-twenties ennui, when the tyranny of your own limitations begins to set in and the giddy expansiveness of youth suddenly hardens into something more fixed." Read it at BuzzFeed Reader.

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