Republican Congressional Candidate Wrote Rant About YOLO

"Drake and Little Wayne are wrong."

Zach Dasher, a cousin to the Duck Dynasty family and a Louisiana congressional candidate, hates YOLO.

Before running for Congress, Dasher, who is challenging 'kissing congressman" Republican Rep. Vance McAllister, was the sole-proprietor of the website, a religious podcast "dedicated to encouraging folks to be willing to think about the deeper questions in life" and wrote about his disgust for the phrase of Facebook.

Dasher thought YOLO, which began to gain traction in November of 2011 when it was feature in Drake's song The Motto, was a "clearly atheistic message that has brainwashed a generation."

"The lyrics are pornographic so I would not recommend you download it. But what about the message in the title," Dasher wrote. "Do we only live once? If the atheist is correct then yes, you only live once. You have about 80 years if you are lucky. And then it's six feet under you go to push up daisies. If this is all there is I have a bit of advice for you. Go get after it. Consume as much as you can for tomorrow you die.

"The most dangerous part of YOLO is not the porn lyrics but the clearly atheistic message that has brainwashed a generation."

Dasher concludes by saying, "Drake and Little Wayne are wrong."

"Folks the bottom line is this, Drake and Little Wayne are wrong and Jesus was right. YOU CAN LIVE TWICE," wrote Dasher.

Here's the post: