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7 Reasons The Vermont Governor's Debate Was One Of The Strangest Debates This Year


Posted on October 14, 2014, at 6:25 p.m. ET

The Vermont gubernatorial debate Monday evening was one of the strangest debate of this election cycle. The debate featured seven candidates and was by no means short of weird topics.

1. There was independent, hat-wearing candidate, Cris Ericson, questioning Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin about "giving $5 million to a ski resort."

2. There was the time Liberty Union candidate Pete Diamondstone quoted Karl Marx to say if taxing the rich doesn't work then Vermont should secede from the Union.

3. And independent candidate Emily Peyton using her closing remarks to ask if you'd rather have money or love.

4. At one point, Ericson said Vermont was going to get sued — "heads up, Peter" — for not having enough bathrooms on the highways.

5. Shumlin tried to respond, but kept getting cut off.

6. There was the time Diamondstone turned a question about reforming the Department of Children and Families into a call to reduce the U.S. military budget to nothing.

7. And when Diamondstone said the U.S. overthrew the Taliban to bring heroin into the United States.