When 19 Republican Male Congressman Rated Hillary Clinton On Her Hotness


In 1995, reporters for the satirical magazine Spy posed as correspondents for a supposed new magazine for conservative teenagers called "Republican Beat." They asked various new Republican members of Congress questions.

Despite the Spy reporters having an obvious give away in their letter to the new 73 Republican by using the name of Matthew Fielding, a gay character on the "Melrose Place" TV show, requesting an interview many fell for the hoax and granted an interview.

Among the questions they asked the new members was to rank then-First Lady Hillary Clinton on her attractiveness:

Their article had to come with a page ensuring the answers were real:

Here are the answers on Hillary Clinton's attractiveness:

The answers include some notable responses from now-MSNBC host Joe Scarborough saying "I don't know if 'pretty' is the word I would use for her," and current Rep. Steve Chabot saying "she's not a dog — but she not gorgeous. I'd give her a five."

"I think she's attractive . . . but she does have kind of big hips," said Rep. Bob Ney.

"Oh, I think she's cute," said Rep. J. C. Watts.

"I think she's attractive," said Rep. Bob Ehrilich.

Spy Magazine is now defunct.