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Watch Bernie Sanders Play A Rabbi In A 1999 Comedy About A Jewish-Italian Wedding

"My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception is a 'laugh out loud' film full of all things we love and hate about weddings."

Posted on April 29, 2015, at 1:57 p.m. ET

Vermont's independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is set to announce a presidential campaign Thursday, according to reports.

While the senator will attempt to appeal to voters by touting his staunchly-left record, Sanders has something else on his resume that might stand out to voters: comedy actor.

Sanders played "Rabbi Manny Shevitz" in the 1999 low-budget comedy My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception. Sanders, who appears in the trailer, makes an appearance for about two minutes midway through the movie.

The comedy, according to a description on Amazon, is about a Jewish-Italian wedding.

From Amazon:

My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception is a "laugh out loud" film full of all things we love and hate about weddings. A slice of life film that shows us what really happens on the most important days in some of our lives. Whether you wish to follow the love triangle between the bride, groom and ex-boyfriend or see what the bridesmaids really talk about in the powder room; this is the movie for you. Take a peek into a Jewish-Italian wedding as the families and their guests show us what we are all thinking yet never say at these events. Regardless of your heritage, you will find at least one character and one sup plot you can relate to and it might make you think for a bit before getting married.

In the film, Sanders, who grew up in Brooklyn in real life, talks about growing up watching the Brooklyn Dodgers and drags on talking about baseball.

The full movie can be purchased here for online viewing.