In 2000 Video Hillary Clinton Says She Doesn't "Do Email" Because Of Investigations Into Her

"Why would I ever want to do e-mail?"

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has come under fire in recent days after the New York Times revealed she exclusively used a private email address to conduct official business in her capacity as the nation's top diplomat.

A subsequent Associated Press report revealed Clinton used a computer server registered to her New York state home to send and receive email, a move they described as "highly unusual."

An old ABC 20/20 report from 2001 that's been on YouTube since 2007 shows Clinton might have avoided email entirely later in her term as first lady because of all investigations the Clinton White House was under.

From the report's transcript, via the video and Lexis Nexis:

ROSS: (VO) Dionne Warwick sang for the small group. Ironically enough, "That's what friends are for." Numerous stars were there, but Paul and his wife Andrea were the ones seated right next to Mrs. Clinton. In fact, Paul's home videos picked up Mrs. Clinton saying she had stopped using e-mail messages because of all the investigations she had been through.

Senator CLINTON: (From home video) As much as I've been investigated and all of that, you know, why would I--I don't even want--why would I ever want to do e-mail?

Mr. PAUL: (From home video) No, no.

Senator CLINTON: (From home video) Can you imagine?

The homemade movie clip that revealed the anecdote was in an ABC report about accusations by a Hollywood multimillionaire of "aggressive fundraiser practice" by the Clintons. The homemade video of Clinton was a fundraiser for her 2000 Senate campaign.

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