Unlike Donald Trump, Ted Cruz Says He Has Changed Diapers

"It's a parent's job."


Ted Cruz says changing a baby's diaper is not just a wife's job, as Donald Trump asserts, but a job for both parents.

"It's a parent's job," Cruz told Glenn Beck on his radio program. "I can tell you with our girls I changed a lot of diapers, Heidi changed a lot of diapers. When a diaper needs changing whoever's closest jumps on the grenade so to speak."

BuzzFeed News on Sunday published a series of old interviews Trump gave to the Howard Stern Show and Opie and Anthony programs in which he revealed his thoughts on parenting.

Trump said in one interview that men who change diapers and care for the child are acting "like the wife," adding that he wouldn't have kids with a woman who demanded he take part in those responsibilities.

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